Viagra (sildenafil) is a prescribed anti-impotence drug that functions by expanding the blood boats in the penis and causing a construction to occur and last long sufficient for the person to have sex.

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The reactions discussed are thought about light side effects and are more than likely to disappear by themselves without any necessity for you to interfere.

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If you have taken this medicine anyway and experience trouble breathing, hives, breakout and swelling of your face, tongue, throat, hands and feet, look for emergency situation clinical aid.

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Several of the light negative effects Viagra patients can display feature inflammation in your face, stuffy nose, upset belly, memory problems, heat in your neck or upper body, back pain and headache, while much more serious (and much less most likely ones) are irregular pulsation, shortness of breath, really feeling light-headed, sweating, heavy sensation, vision modifications, distressing erection, and a few other ones.

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Viagra (sildenafil) is efficient in the treatment of male impotence that could be sometimes induced by a vast selection of emotional and bodily reasons (conditions, anxiety etc).

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